Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater

Today is the day!!! Book #2 in the Kanaan & Tilney series is out today! You can get Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater at Loose IdBarnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Wolf-Beast and ex-cop Lowell Kanaan recently brought his boyfriend, Elementalist and mystery author John Tilney, into the PI business with him. They've been solving cases for Boston's varied praeternatural communities ever since. So when a young Terran feels that the brutal murder of his Beast boyfriend isn't being treated seriously enough by the police, he brings the case to Kanaan & Tilney for a second opinion.

Similarly defiled corpses pop up around Boston as they race to find the killer. All the victims are packless Beasts, like Lowell, and the vicious nature of the killings stir up old prejudices in the praeternatural community, Beast and otherwise. Throw a personal vendetta and some ugly family history for Lowell in the mix, and the trails are as muddy as ever. 

This case will test Kanaan & Tilney's strength, both as a PI team and a couple. It'll take all they have to keep each other alive—and stop a serial killer.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hey all!


Sorry, I know it's been awhile (I'm terrible when it comes to posting about day-to-day stuff), but I come bearing news.

Are you ready?

Drum roll, please...

Book #2 of Kanaan & Tilney has been finished and sent off to the publishers! Keep an eye out here and over at the official Kanaan & Tilney website for more news about it as it will be coming SOON. I can't wait to share this story with all of you. Katey and I are really proud of it. :)