Sunday, November 4, 2018

The return of Kanaan & Tilney

Awesome news, everyone! The Case of the Arms Dealers, and The Case of the Maneater have both found a new home at Less Than Three Press! Follow the link to pre-order book 1, and keep an eye out here for updates on the re-release date of book 2, annnnnnnd news of the upcoming book 3!

John Tilney—praeternatural pyrokinetic and mystery author—has noticed the bottom dropping out of the market for his usual gothic fare, so he goes to Lowell Kanaan, PI, for a crash course in noir. Lowell, a cranky wolf-shifter detective, isn't sure why he agrees to let John shadow him, though it might have something to do with John's weirdly endearing honesty...and pretty lips. John thinks he's found the perfect detective novel hero in Lowell, but it isn't long before he realizes he doesn't want Lowell for his book, but for himself. 
As they become entangled in a supernatural whodunnit involving the Zombie Mafia, black market body parts, and shady insurance deals, their partnership grows closer—and hotter. But when it comes down to the wire, Lowell's wolfish protective side threatens to drive John around the bend, or at least out of the office. Good thing John's as much sunshine as he is fire; hopefully it's enough to help them catch a murderer before they end up in literal pieces, too.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blog tour round-up

The blog tour for Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater is over! Big thank you to everyone who hosted us! We had a blast! If you happened to miss any of our stops, you can find links below. Please, visit all the awesome blogs who hosted us and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance at a prize pack.

'Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater' blog tour

If you haven't yet, you can pick up a copy of Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater at any of these vendors, or at the Loose Id store.

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy the book!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater

Today is the day!!! Book #2 in the Kanaan & Tilney series is out today! You can get Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater at Loose IdBarnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Wolf-Beast and ex-cop Lowell Kanaan recently brought his boyfriend, Elementalist and mystery author John Tilney, into the PI business with him. They've been solving cases for Boston's varied praeternatural communities ever since. So when a young Terran feels that the brutal murder of his Beast boyfriend isn't being treated seriously enough by the police, he brings the case to Kanaan & Tilney for a second opinion.

Similarly defiled corpses pop up around Boston as they race to find the killer. All the victims are packless Beasts, like Lowell, and the vicious nature of the killings stir up old prejudices in the praeternatural community, Beast and otherwise. Throw a personal vendetta and some ugly family history for Lowell in the mix, and the trails are as muddy as ever. 

This case will test Kanaan & Tilney's strength, both as a PI team and a couple. It'll take all they have to keep each other alive—and stop a serial killer.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hey all!


Sorry, I know it's been awhile (I'm terrible when it comes to posting about day-to-day stuff), but I come bearing news.

Are you ready?

Drum roll, please...

Book #2 of Kanaan & Tilney has been finished and sent off to the publishers! Keep an eye out here and over at the official Kanaan & Tilney website for more news about it as it will be coming SOON. I can't wait to share this story with all of you. Katey and I are really proud of it. :)


Friday, January 8, 2016

New desk!

I was so very fortunate to be gifted with a desk (something I've wanted for a long time!) this Christmas and I thought it might be fun to share it with everyone. It is nerded out with artwork (Dorian! Neil Gaiman quote!) and my lil Poe Dameron (I love him guys, okay. Love. Him.) and a card of Nightcrawler (who I also love to fucking pieces). And of course, there are books! I have too many books to count, so these are just the few that are either signed or are important to me in some other way. Annnnd that's it! So, yes, this is my new writing space and I love it. :D

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Giveaway!

It’s my birthday and I’m giving away presents! Or, well, Katey and I are doing a holiday giveaway for Kanaan & Tilney. :) Goodies include Moleskine cahier journals hand-stamped with the K&T logo (designed by John himself, of course), a “I’m a marshmallow” pin representing none other than Lowell ‘burnt mashmallow’ Kanaan, and a giftcard to Loose Id. We’re giving away two sets, so stop by the K&T blog to enter.

Also! We've got another guest stop at a blog! Huge thanks to Danielle over at LoveBytes Reveiws for having us. Click here to head over and read an interview between John and Lowell.

Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blog Takeover

*Busts through the wall into Jenna’s Blog* What’s up, Halloween party people?

Too much? Yeah okay, I’ll dial it back a notch or two.

Hi, I’m Katey, Jenna’s co-author on Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers. Which, by the way, makes for a great Halloween read, seeing as there’s a Zombie Mafia and all. (Note: Not actual zombies. Still creepy.) In this book, we introduce our praeternatural world--a world that exists side-by-side with the world we all live in, populated by people from five different factions of people with inherited supernatural abilities. (More on the worldbuilding here, if you’re into that.) Our eponymous heroes, Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney, are from the Beast and Elementalist factions, a wolf-shifter and a pyrokinetic.

But the Necromorph faction is the one that gets the most attention in this book. It was meant to be a missing persons case, until the missing man turns up dead in cold storage; someone signed a contract to sell his body parts on the black market. Necromorphs can attach new limbs and parts if they lose or hurt the ones they were born with--a practice that tends to freak out the rest of the Praeternaturals, and was therefore forced underground. Enter the Zombie Mafia, here to supply everything you need that society won’t allow. (Want a taste of the Zombie Mafia? Check here!)

Which, yes, means the whole Arms Dealers thing is a huge pun. We couldn’t help ourselves.

But this isn’t the last we’ll see of Kanaan & Tilney and their praeternatural world. I’m just gonna say it right now: Jenna and I are already working to explore all the factions in turn in future mysteries. This includes in-depth looks at the politics and powers in both of their factions. We maaaaaay be working with the Beasts right now, even.

Maybe. Possibly.

So thanks for letting me invade your blog and spill the beans, Jenna. You are beautiful. (You have to leave that line in them’s the rules.) And come visit tomorrow over at my blog, where Jenna gets to stage an invasion of her own!

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers now available from Loose Id, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

And don't forget the giveaway, which ends soon!